Health care system and health insurance.

Please connect the Grand Challenges for Social Work with patients impacted by ACEs- Write half page or a page

Connect the Grand Challenges for Social Work with Trauma informed care – Write a half page


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Closing the gap in the health sector is one of the significant challenges facing social work; in response, the social work sector has responded to this by promoting access to insurance and healthcare for the population by educating the communities on the importance of medical expansion services (Teixeira et al., 2021, p.22). The patient impacted by ACEs needs help accessing health care and obtaining health insurance. However, the patient impacted by ACEs in one of the populations that cannot have access to health care system easily and fairly. “Closing the health gap” refers to intervening at individual, community, and societal levels not only to increase access to health care, but also to address the social determinants of health and eliminate health inequities.” (Gomez, 2020 p.2). Social workers understand the need to closing the gap in health sector therefore they are working to assist the patient to access the health care system and health insurance.

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The best PTSD treatments are psychological treatments. However, there is a lack of qualified professionals who are trained therapists to dealt with trauma. That has primarily affected how care is delivered in many countries. There have been ongoing conflicts and disasters in some countries, making it hard to provide PTSD care. Based on studies, PTSD rates are significantly higher in countries facing wars. That makes it hard for social workers to provide care, leading to an increase in patients with trauma.

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Health care system and health insurance.