Health history assessment

Conduct a health history on a family member or friend. Be sure they give you permission. Using the interviewing techniques learned in Module 2, gather the following information. Use your textbook as your guide. Present Health Past Health Family History

While this is only a partial health history, summarize in 3 -5 pages the information you gathered. Also, answer the following questions:

  1. Was the person willing to share the information? If they were not, what did you do to encourage them?
  2. Was there any part of the interview that was more challenging? If so, what part and how did you deal with it?
  3. How comfortable were you taking a health history?
  4. What interviewing techniques did you use? Were there any that were difficult and if so, how did you overcome the difficulty?
  5. Now that you have taken a health history discuss how this information can assist the nurse in determining the health status of a client.

Your assignment must have accurate spelling and grammar.

Book: Physical Examination and Health assessment 8th edition

Answer must be quality and follow the instructions


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Gathering information on health regarding the past and present status of an individual is of value. This practice gives the examining officer an avenue to get a pool of evidence from which they can rely on in the administration of treatment and monitoring of improvement. The family history health assessment elaborated in this case involved a close friend to me. An in-depth evaluation of his physical wellness and mental condition is done. Evaluation related to different classes of information was carried out using a structured questionnaire and an interview. These information classes included the general health, pulmonary conditions, and genitourinary, heart and lung conditions, and the gestural intestinal condition.  It is also essential in this kind of assessment to evaluate the health state of the family relatives. This helps offer information on the family history and give room for an evaluation of possible genetically transferred illness.  Information availed from the assessment is comprehensive and allows room for probable diagnosis where the need is and consequently gives room for an efficient treatment approach.(1902 words)