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Health informatics sharing information: weekly discussion post
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Volumes of healthcare data are collected daily. Have you encountered errors in your personal data or those of a family member, as it was collected and stored? Can you recall what the error was related to and perhaps how it had happened? Were there any negative outcomes?
After reviewing the youtube video let’s go through the discussion together, one question at a time:
What parts of the data information lifecycle are discussed in this article?
Who are the stakeholders in this “chilling reality “?
From the lens of the stakeholders- what are some of the many possible changes that might be implemented to lower these statistics?
Discuss as a data consumer, what elements of data quality are important in reducing medical errors?
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Data information goes through three stages, from data to information and from information to knowledge. Data is defined as the organized number of words such as texts, and information is termed as the organized number of words that are interpreted, communicated, or given some context or meaning, and knowledge is the information taken and inferences drawn from human experiences. The lifecycle, therefore, begins from data to information, which is passed to people who generate knowledge and then pass it to other people.