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Healthcare disparities

Health Disparities

VIEW the following video and site:

READ the following two articles:

  • ASHP Statement on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care

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  1. React to the video and the WHO PowerPoint. Did they help you to understand the concept of “health disparities”? How? Did you learn anything new? Explain.
  2. From the Adler and Rehkopf (2007) article select a passage to remember. Explain your selection.
  3. ASHP identifies seven Pharmacist´s roles in Eliminating Disparities.
    1. In your opinion which of those roles should have priority. Explain.
    2. Reflect on your education so far, do you feel ready to fulfill the selected role. Explain

Answer preview

The information presented in the video and Word Health Organization (WHO) site is not surprising since health inequalities exist in different social populations. Individuals living in low socio-economic positions are subjected to higher risks of health status Word Health Organization, 2018). The disparity in healthcare among people living in the United States is attributed to the poor economic and environmental conditions. It was interesting to learn the factors that cause health disparities among individuals at the bottom of the pyramid. The content presented both in the video and the WHO website has improved my understanding of the concept of health disparities. It is because they address all the underlying issues that promote health inequality among communities.(775words)