Healthcare Marketing

Unit 5 Discussion Board Healthcare Marketing

1. How has the onslaught of social media affected you personally in regards to your personal life and professional career? How does the Bible instruct you to handle this new medium?

2. Prompt: Locate a newspaper or journal article on healthcare marketing in regards to the impact social media has played on the healthcare industry. Analyze the article.

Article: Requirements: 250 words minimum for each post.

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The onslaught of social media is caused by an overwhelming amount of information that is being spread on social media. Since social media messages are accessible to the public, and no one can avoid them. This is because even if someone is not a fan of social media, he/she will always get to know about social media topics from friends and workmates. Social media has affected my personal life and professional career. Too much information on social media has affected my personal life in that I lack enough time to relax. After being busy throughout the day, I find myself chatting and reading social media posts. This consumes my sleeping time because many are the days when I sleep late in the night, after wasting a lot of time with social media. However, social media has been encouraging me after reading the success stories of other people.(723words)