Healthcare reform of workplace violence,

  1. Discuss the following using 5 APA references
  2. Select a current article in healthcare legislation, or political action topic that addresses healthcare reform of workplace violence, staffing, Medicare for All, etc.). Locate such information from the Wall Street Journal or New York Times, or Kaiser Health News available online, or in the American Nurses Association or American Association of Nurse Practitioners political action website
  3. Describe the healthcare reform topic.
  4. What are the personal and societal costs of healthcare reform?
  5. Discuss your role as a nurse with an advanced degree in addressing this healthcare legislation/change., social change, leading change, negotiation style, etc.
  6. Discuss 5 actions you would take as an advocate and nurse leader in the health care reform topic.

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There are numerous personal and societal costs that come with this reform policy. For instance, by eliminating the numerous barriers that NPs face in their practice, more Medicare beneficiaries will access healthcare efficiently and effectively. For instance, NPs will now be empowered to make critical decisions such as ordering and supervising cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation; including their patients in the beneficiary attribution process for the Medicare Shared Savings Program, patient referral of patients for therapy, certifying patients with terminal illnesses for eligibility in hospice, et cetera. In this case, some of the Medicare beneficiaries who did not initially include NPs as their care providers may lack the luxury of avoiding NPs. On the other hand, the NPs might eventually face burnout if they are left to handle everything. Also, at the societal level, more resources will be required to facilitate the implementation of decisions by the NPs.

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Healthcare reform of workplace violence,