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Nur 555 Appraise a quantitative article from your PICO search on your topic of interest

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My final PICOT statement is: Healthcare workers (P) hand hygiene and proper wearing and disposal of PPEs (I) as opposed to no Intervention (C) reduces prevalence for hospital-acquired infections (O) in 6 months(T).

Appraise a quantitative article from your PICO search on your topic of interest.. Write a summary by briefly answering the following questions:

  • List the citation for the article in APA Format
  • Name the Database where you found the article (such as CINAHL, Medline, etc)
  • What was the study’s purpose, design, sampling technique, sample size, and characteristics of the sample?
  • Identify the hypothesis, independent and dependent variables.
  • How was the data evaluated (measurement tool, etc)?
  • Would the study help you with your PICOT problem? Explain.
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses to consider if you were to include it in your Evidence Based Practice Change Proposal?
  • Begin with CINAHL (used advance search options for full text resources) Look in others such as (, Cochrane, Medline, Embase, PsyINFO, Cochrane, etc.).
  • Searchoptions are limited to the above mentioned References/sites only
  • Must be written using correct grammar, and college level English
  • Must have Knowledge of the question
  • 7th edition APA format
  • At least 4 references
  • Minimum 500 words

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In their study Karim, Sah, Syeda, Faysol, Rahman, & Islam, et al. (2020) aim to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of hand hygiene and personal protective equipment (PPEs) in reducing the health workers Covid 19 infection in Bangladesh.  Karim et al. (2020) found that the use of hand hygiene and PPEs were more effective in reducing hospital-based infections among health workers.  The researchers used a quantitative research design to evaluate the efficacy of hand hygiene and PPEs in preventing COVID 19 Infection.  In particular, they used observation and questionnaires to collect data from the participants.  Five hundred health workers working the Covid 19 units were interviewed.(722words)