Henri Matisse: A Master of the Modern Era

art history discussion

react and respond to the video on Matisse and the video on performance art. Use the language, concepts and vocabulary to provide an informed review and opinion of a selected piece of Matisse’s work. Cite it in your review, and provide a couple of paragraphs analyzing it

Henri Matisse: A Master of the Modern Era (58:18)


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Henri Matisse has been presented as an interesting artist in the world of painting. It is fascinating to learn that the artist did not always paint bold and simple pictures. His journey of incorporating ore bold colors into artwork during his era is inspiring to unique upcoming painters. Matisse began embracing color and using it in ways that had not been done before in Western painting history (WordPress, 2020). I find it motivating that he continued to apply blocks of wild color despite going against the rule and lacking resemblance to the real world of painting in the early 1900s. The presentation of Henri Matisse is highly detailed, including both his art and family life, including his lovers. I believe Matisse was referred to as the master of the modern era because most of his works represent the current world. Matisse’s deceptively simple art style is fresh today, from the iPod ads to the Olympic logo.