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History of Philosophy

History of Philosophy Discussion

We begin with the great Martin Luther King – to respond here, identify one of the specific elements of social justice as identified in his speech and explain its relevance to social justice today.

you don’t have write too much. 250-400 words.

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            One of the specific elements of social justice in Martin Luther’s King speech is non-violence. King believed in the power of non-violent resistance in the struggle for freedom and justice (EDM is LIFE, 2017). Also, he discusses the principle of non-violence to defeat injustice instead of people. According to King, justice is not only an individual but must also be social. In his speech, Martin Luther states that anything that directly affects a person will indirectly affect the rest. This element of the address creates the interrelated structure of reality in society today. The changes experienced that have extended the civil rights privilege are entitled to groups and individuals. A community exists in a network of mutuality that is tied in a single destiny. King claimed that non-violence is directed towards social oppression, injustice, and forces but not against individuals (Ogbenika, 2018).

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