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Human biology

Short answer question Human Bio



Introduction and Chemistry

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  • What is anatomy and physiology?
  • What does the “Principle of complementarity” mean?
  • Briefly explain the interrelationships depicted in the figure on slide 7.
  • List the necessary life functions.
  • Explain the concept of homeostasis. Give an example of homeostasis in the body in addition to the one listed in the lecture slides.
  • Compare the negative feedback mechanism to the positive feedback mechanism.
  • Why are there so many anatomical terms?
  • How many body cavities are there? List them.
  • Contrast the term “mass” and “weight.”
  • What is an atom and describe its structure.
  • How are the terms “molecule” and “compound” similar? How are they differ?
  • What is energy? What types of energy are there?
  • Why is water an essential substance for life on earth?
  • If you have a solution with a pH of 3 and another solution with a pH of 9, what is the magnitude of the difference in acidity?
  • Define what organic compounds are and list them.
  • Why are enzymes important?

Cells & Tissues

  • What are the two main types of cells in the human body? How many different cells do humans have?
  • Why is a phospholipid important? What structure does it form?
  • List several important functions of the plasma membrane.
  • Define osmosis.
  • Describe a general human cell and the components inside it.
  • Why is the cell cycle important? List and define the different phases.
  • Are somatic cells diploid? Are germ cells diploid?

What are tissues? List the different types and give an example of each

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  • Anatomy is a field of study dedicated to understanding the structure of the body and the relations between different tissues and organs. Physiology, on the other hand, refers to how different parts of the body function, either independently or in conjunction with other components. In this regard, anatomy and physiology form the basis of human biology by facilitating the structural composition of the body and its functional aspects.(1745words)