human rights violations/issues on Turkey

To write a country report on human rights violations/issues on Turkey. pick any topics/issues that are relevant to denial of freedom of expression and freedom of association in Turkey from the year 2019 and 2020 only.

Use APA style format and 2700 is word limit use between 2600 and 2700 words only.



First para:

introduce paper briefly to give Readers brief idea about what paper is about.Include thesis statement and mention specific argument on which the whole is written about.

Second Para

Mention everything about Turkey like Location, language, religion, population, etc. are important and helpful to include in your paper.

Third Para:

In this paragraph talk about denial of freedom of expression and association faced by people living in Turkey and tell readers why the issue is important and provide more details on that and tell readers whether anything has done in the assigned country’s criminal justice system. Mention the role of NGO’s in this situation. Providing different perspectives. Discussion and transition in ideas between paragraphs should flow well.

Last Para:

This part is VERY important. Do not mention just summary of the paper in this para but give suggestions or analysis about the issue of freedom of expression and denial.What are your recommendations?

Examples and other evidence support the main thesis and fit cohesively within each paragraph. All ideas presented in the body of the essay flow from, and support the argument presented in the thesis statement.

Please use at least two peer-reviewed articles and two International Non-Profit Organization (INGO) reports.

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Special instructions are all in the question but please use two academically reliable sources that are relevant enough and one NGO report related to issue that I have mentioned to be used in the question.

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            Freedom of expression (FOE) and freedom of association (FOA) are critical to the sustenance of democracy within a given country. Violation of these two freedoms threatens democracy. Turkey is regularly rebuked and castigated for various human rights violations (Cinar & Sirin, 2017). The country’s authoritarian leadership is well known for censoring and criminalizing speech. This censorship extends beyond the traditional forms of communication to include social media and the internet. Protesting and picketing is a very dangerous endeavor in Turkey, considering the various restrictions placed on the freedom of association. Just to show the scale of the human rights violations in this country, out of the 20,657 judgments passed by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), sixteen percent of them list Turkey as the defendant (Cinar & Sirin, 2017). As long as authoritarian leadership continues in Turkey, the numerous violations of the freedoms of expression and association will become a regular feature within the country.