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identifying community health organizations

identifying community health organizations
Based on your chapter reading and outside research, identify TWO local community health organizations and TWO national or global community health organizations. Please provide a 3-4 sentence summary of what each organization does/mission statement and how they support the community. Identify the role of the organization in the community, why the organization is necessary, and how the community can get the word out about resources available. Please provide a link to each organization within your document.
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Arkansas Public Health Association is a community health organization based in Arkansas State with a mission to foster effective collaboration between organizations, protecting and promoting public health by providing education and supporting health policies that improve public health at the local levels. The organization supports the community by providing education on public health and supporting and promoting laws that benefit the public in Arkansas; thus, its role is to educate and support legislation that improves public health (The Arkansas Public Health Association. Inc, n.d.). The organization is necessary because it enhances empowerment to the community and its professionals, improving health at the local levels. The community can get the word out about resources available by visiting the Arkansas public health since it is an affiliate of the APHA.


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