Immortality and The Meaning of Life

Does immortality have any essential role to play in an account of the meaning of life?

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The meaning of life cannot be conceptualized without looking at how a person can become immortal. One approach that some philosophers have fronted as the way to immortality is possessing a soul. A soul refers to a spiritual substance that makes up a person’s identity and can exist independently of the body and, therefore, indestructible cannot be physically destroyed (Pritchard, 333-334). This approach, however, implies that people who lack a soul cannot be immortal. However, since having a soul is not a prerequisite because there are other approaches to achieving immortality apart from having a soul like scanning brain states and transferring to a new body after the old one dies or in the case of vampires that only need to drink blood in an ever-expanding universe to survive, then a person can be immortal without having a soul.