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Format and Word Count:


The student’s work should be a well-evidenced and documented research paper of around 1200 words and is allocated 100 points.

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The Research Paper should include a list of references (print and electronic) at the end of your paper in addition to in- text citation as per the requirements of the Harvard Citation & Referencing Style. Proper referencing is a serious academic requirement and skill and will be rewarded accordingly.



Broad Research Topics to Choose ONE from:



1) Pollution and Environment

2) Digital Learning

3) Growing population

4) Social Media and Violence

5) Role of woman  in Literature


Requirements and Guidelines:


  1. Select ONE broad topic and narrow it down.
  2. Write your research question in relation to the selected broad research topic.
  3. Collect related resources.
  4. Use at least FIVE different resources to evidence your paper. Resources types should vary to include at least THREE of the following:


  • Online journal(s)
  • Books (with one author/multiple authors)
  • Articles in edited books
  • Media resources (interview, series, documentary)
  • Anthology
  • Report
  • An encyclopedia entry
  • Forum


  1. Use resources for in-text citation and referencing. You should be able to give direct quotations, paraphrasing as well as summarizing to evidence your argument. This should follow the Harvard in-text citation style.
  2. Write a thesis statement that well reflects your research question.
  3. Produce an edited and a proofread research paper of 1200 words.
  4. Produce a List of References page following the Harvard Referencing Style.
  5. Avoid Plagiarism.









Note on the PT3 Form:



The tutor’s comments that appear here on the PT3 form and on the script of the student’s TMA


should be taken seriously by the student as mentioned in the Course Guide.



TMA Marking Descriptor








Excellent answers showing confident

and wide-ranging knowledge of core material, good understanding of any relevant theory, and a capacity to address  the question  in  a structural, direct and effective way, thoughtfully and   with   insight.   Originality   of thought or ideas from outside the course are an added asset. Examples are to the point.

– Has an introduction defining plan of


– Body divided into several paragraphs

–  Conclusion which directly relates arguments to topic.

– Evidence that essay has been edited.

– Error-free grammar & register.

–     Wide     range     of     specialized terminology.

– Consistent in-text citation and form

of referencing

B to B+ Very good answers showing secure knowledge of course materials. Adopting an analytical approach and – First four criteria above maintained

–   Demonstrates   extensive   grammar control.

(16-17) providing        relevant        discussion

Covering most of the key issues. Distinguished from A answers by being less insightful or by showing less comprehensive knowledge of the course.

–  Terminology  specialized  but      less


–   Minor   Inconsistency   in   in-text citation and referencing

C to C+





Competent       answers       reflecting

adequate knowledge of the more directly relevant course material and concepts,  with  reasonable  structure and adequate coherence related to the question set.

– Introduction and/or conclusion short

but still satisfactory.

– Evidence of editing.

– Less grammar control than above.

–     Good     range     of     specialized terminology.

– Inconsistent in in-text citation and referencing








Answers which  omit some concepts

/evidence    and/or    lack    coherence

/structure, and/or make minor errors while still demonstrating basic understanding. Or Bare pass answers which show awareness of some relevant material and attempt to relate it to the question.

– Introduction and/or conclusion short

but acceptable.

– no evidence of editing.

– Few grammatical errors that impede communication.

– Above average range of specialized terminology.

– Slightly confused introduction and/or conclusion, but body still fair.

– No evidence of editing.

–   Some   error   types   that   impede communication.

– Fair range of specialized terminology.

–   Inaccurate   in-text   citation   and referencing






Answers which attempt to draw upon

relevant material but do not reflect sufficient knowledge of the course and/or neglect the focus required by the question, and/or are incomplete in some important aspects whilst being acceptable in others.

–    No    introduction    and    /or    no


– Body badly organized or irrelevant.

–  Poor grammar control (extremely limited range of grammar & register).

– Limited or not specialized range of


–    No    in-text    citations    and    no referencing

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