Integrating Faith and Learning

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Integrating Faith and Learning ‐ Main Thread Integrating Faith and Learning. Reflect on the entire course content and think about the level of knowledge and skill required to effectively conduct meaningful and accurate quantitative analysis. Reflect on the Keller book “Every Good Endeavor” and think about God’s plan for how we should handle challenging work, the problems we can face at work, and better ways to honor God with our work. Develop and post a 600 word discussion:

 Introduction

 Discuss the work required to conduct meaningful and accurate quantitative analysis in a dissertation.

 Discuss God’s perspective on that work to include how we should manage it and potential problems we might face.

 Discusses better ways to honor God as we accomplish this work

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Research has become an integral part of the learning process at different education levels. Education is intended to help learners improve the strength of their mental faculties and strengthen their skills. The world has moved past the era where all a student had to do was cram and regurgitate content obtained from the learning resources. Instead, one has to go all out and seek new information or forge novel interpretations of existing phenomena. The dissertation writing process provides an essential experience for students to improve themselves by researching into a subject of their interest. It is vital to note that the entire process is not easy, and one must be prepared to handle numerous challenges involved in crafting an academic dissertation. This paper discusses the work involved in writing a dissertation and provides God’s perspective on managing the work and the anticipated challenges.(736 words)