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International SEO Audit

International SEO Audit

Select a country (other than the United States) and write an essay about what the SEO landscape is like.

Each essay must meet the following:

  • History of search within that country (For example, China and Google have a long standing history, the EU has recent changes with GDPR or recent laws)
  • The main search engines uses within the country
  • How it is the same as SEO in the US
  • How it is SEO is different than the US
  • One big thing SEO professionals should be aware of when entering that country’s SEO market
    • Additionally:
      • Minimum of 500 words
      • Double spaced, size 12 font
      • Cite all of your sources
      • APA style
      • Please make sure to check grammar and spelling

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            The Growth of e-commerce has revolutionized how business activities such as selling and marketing are conducted. One current trend utilized is SEO, which refers to search engine optimization. It is the practice of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a particular website by using organic search engine results. The SEO is carried out because a specific website will gain more visitors from a search engine leading to higher SERP rankings. The SEO markets and regulations vary from country to country with different search engines and legislation. China presents one of the largest online markets globally and is the desired target for many SEO marketers. However, unlike other nations, it is characterized by distinct Baidu SEO, distinct engine languages, and strict government censorship. Below is an overview of the Chinese SEO, its terms, and comparisons to the USA SEO and considerations for practitioners planning to enter the Chinese markets (Duong, 2017).