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Internet of things in campus memo

Internet of things in campus memo

It is Fall 2025, and the Acterra Environmental Group has nominated San Jose State for the “Campus of the Future” Award. You are the chairperson of the SJSU Alumni Association. Write a memo to Acterra president Alysson Bonnett and provide information about the way the university has implemented the Internet of Things technology on campus, and converted all of its buildings into “Smart Buildings”.

You will have an Introduction, Discussion and Recommendation.

In the introduction, provide a brief definition of Internet of Things (IOT) and smart buildings.

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For the discussion, look to the future and describe at least three examples of the way buildings on campus are operating with IOT, and how it impacts the environment. For example, think of the library, classrooms, facilities, garages, dining areas, dorms.

In the recommendation stress San Jose State’s commitment to the environment, sustainability, and continuous improvement.Thank Acterra for the nomination.

Format: Your response will be in memo format, approximately 1.5 pages.

Use 12-point font, Times New Roman, single-spaced, with a blank line between paragraphs. no citation need.

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Today, technology has advanced, and everyone is getting their hands on it. It is because technology has come to simplify the things we do in nearly every sector. One of the growing technological advancements is the Internet of Things, which has facilitated self-monitoring, security, and remote access to facilities. Here at San Jose State University (SJSU), much has been done towards the implementation of IoT. IoT refers to the network connecting physical things that are equipped with software, sensors, and actuators in order to communicate with each other or with a remote computer system. IoT has the following main element. The first element is the sensors like GPS or a camera, which collects data around the connected device. The second element is the network, which allows the sensors to send and receive data. The third element is a backend computer system that processes data from the sensors.