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Interpersonal communication skills

  1. Journal Entry 3: What strategies would you use to increase your interpersonal communication skills with community partners? Explain your rationale.
  2. Please respond to the following: Consider the utility of Twitter, Facebook, or similar social media vehicles. Using 140 characters or less, develop a social media hash tag that will promote public health awareness and increase local health communication efforts. Provide a brief explanation of the campaign aims and target audience.

Requirements: 1 page each

Answer preview

The essence of the above social media hashtag is to create awareness of the approved Covid19 vaccines. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are vital in connecting billions of people worldwide. Each of these social media platforms attracts or appeals to different demographics. According to a report published by the Newyork Times, Facebook has a broad appeal ranging across people of all ages, while Twitter is mostly preferred by college graduates (Arnold et al., 2019). Most people between 18- to 24-year-olds prefer using other social media platforms such as Instagram.

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