Jews in power during the Holocaust

How did Hitler perceive Jewish people during the Holocaust?

Need an outline done.

Formulate a research question. (How did Hitler view Jews in power during the Holocaust?)

Give historical background on it.

Talk about the sources, what they are and what they do.

Please use these sources and any other ones you think can be beneficial: Wilhelm Marr a book by Moshe Zimmerman
, Mein Kampf

Please talk about how you will go about answering the research question.

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  1. The settlement of Jews in Germany and Europe is traced during the rise of the Roman empire in Israel
  2. In the beginnings, Jews settled in villages and towns in small groups (Gordon, 1984)
  3. The settlement of Jews in Germany led to the extension of Judaism
  4. Jews failed to assimilate with other people in Germany as they had unique laws, religion, language, and culture
  5. In Germany, Jews experienced huge limitation from the Germany government as they were not recognized as citizens (Gordon, 1984)
    • The European Christians required the Jews to wear a yellow badge.
    • They faced restrictions on their religious practices

They were barred from voting