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Job Description and Justification

Job Description and Justification

As the HR manager for a large healthcare organization, you have been asked to design a new position for an individual contributor, nonclinical department such as Billing, Admitting, or HR. The job should be entry-midlevel and one appropriate for someone with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration.

Write a 6–8 page report in which you:

  1. Develop the job title and essential duties for the new position.
  2. Write detailed job description suitable for listing on the organization’s website.
  3. Identify the desired KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities).
  4. Explain the required minimum qualifications.
  5. Describe the steps involved in hiring for this new position.
  6. Develop salary recommendations.
  7. Identify a process to identify the most qualified applicants for the position.
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A job description is the analysis and explanation of a specified duty or responsibility in detail, while justification is the validation of the roles given as per the law. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource (HR) department in the healthcare sector to generate job description and justification of roles in a healthcare administration. In this case scenario, as the HR manager of a large healthcare organization, my services are needed to develop a non-clinical new position. As a result, it is vital to develop the job title and duties for the specified position. Again, detailing the new position requirements for the website’s Health Care Organization (HCO) is necessary. The salary recommendations, the steps involved in hiring, the desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) of applicants, and minimum qualifications are necessary to be developed. Since it is an entry mid-level position, the process of identifying applicants must also be appropriated. Regarding the above, this paper will outline a report analysis of a new position job description and justification in the non-clinical department of a large HCO. (1945 words)

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