Judgment of Paris of 1976 on Californian wines

Write a 4 pages essay to answer the question: What were the major effects of the Judgment of Paris of 1976 on Californian wines?

What were the major effects of the Judgment of Paris of 1976 on Californian wines?

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Paris’s judgment of 1976 entails a blind wine tasting competition between California and French wines, where California wines won in the white and red category. The competition was organized by Steven Spurrier, who believed French wine would win the wine competition. This is because French wine had dominated the wine market. The event had esteemed French judges to determine the best wine. However, they failed to discern French wines and instead accorded California’s wines the highest marks. The wines that won included Chateau Montelena Chardonnay in the white category and tag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon in the red category (Brandstatter, 2017). These results brought new revolutions to Californian wines, such as a surge in demand globally and increased production and recognition. This attracts increased revenue in the states from the sale of wine. From a global perspective, the results changed perceptions of new world wineries and led to the use of new technology to remain relevant in the market. The judgment of Paris resulted in the explosion of Californian wines in the global market, acted as a learning opportunity to improve the wines’ quality, and revealed the wines’ potential, increasing sales value and volume in the global market.(1292words)

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