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leadership types

need 3 paragraphs for essay

hi, please see attached. use links to the for each person and write a paragraph for each person – no min length


there are 3 CEOs (the links to the videos are provided), and I just need 1 paragraph for each CEO with their leadership types. there are 6 total, but you will pick 4 for each CEO. There is a link explaining the styles

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Jeff Bezos applies the authoritative leadership style based on the story he narrated about his life history. Goleman (2010) says that the authoritative leadership style is when a leader has complete control of various aspects like setting goals and determining organizational processes and steps to achieve them. When using authoritative leadership, the leader states the goal but gives employees the freedom to decide ways of achieving the goal. The pacesetting style also fits Jeff Bezos. Jeff sets the goal, and the employees work towards achieving it. Jeff also talks about the management of talent in organizations (TED, 2010). This shows he values employees and hence fits the qualities for affiliative leadership. Jeff also fits the coercive leadership style since he focuses on ensuring employees do things his way. Goleman (2010) says that the coercive style entails ensuring employees do things the leader’s way.