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Letter To A Non-Profit Board

Letter To A Non-Profit Board-Need by 10/25

This week, we have introduced social capital and why it is important in our society. Assume that you have been hired as a consultant for a local community-based organization. After a month-long observation period, one of your recommendations is to increase social capital. Write a letter to the organization’s board of directors explaining your recommendation and why social capital is a critical aspect of any organization. Integrate personal experiences and suggest creative ways to increase social capital.

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Social capital is essential in any organization since it influences the development the strong social networks, where community members work together to achieve a common goal. Generally, social capital is an aspect contributed by how people communicate their shared values, expertise, and knowledge to improve their lives. According to Falk (2000), interactions encourage people to build social infrastructure to achieve mutual benefits. Therefore, it is worth noting that the increase of social capital at Schenectady JCC would enhance trust, social cohesion, and improved wellbeing. From personal experience, I have offered services in organizations that reinforce social capital. In the process, I have seen improved open engagement between leaders and community members, thus increasing their abilities to solve addressed issues.(397words)

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