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Local community

Compose a 1000- to 1200-word news article on a topic that is relevant to your local community.

  • Compose a 1000- to 1200-word news article on a topic that is relevant to your local community.
    • Must be a multi-draft composition: it should be brainstormed, planned, drafted, redrafted, revised, and edited, and should appear in its final draft form as a fully realized, carefully crafted, and meticulously revised and edited composition.
    • Must 
    • Must NOT use other news stories as sources for your own story. You must conduct your own interviews and dig up data and facts from primary sources on your own. In other words, you cannot build your news story off the legwork of other journalists, and since you are writing a local story, this should be easier than you think. Interview neighbors, city council members, participants, and so on and turn to government websites (like the Dallas County COVID website, for example), police reports, surveys, and so on.
    • Must be purely objective; in other words, you cannot express your opinion or judgment in any way. You must purely report the news.
Must apply all the genre elements and design and style elements addressed in Chapter 9 of our book.
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            Elections are the cornerstone of any democracy. They give citizens the power to elect leaders who will advocate for their interests once they assume power. Voting allows the populous to participate in governance matters and shape the course their country will take. Every person would like to have a say regarding how their locality, state, and country should run. However, this is impossible in modern society. Thus, elections allow the citizenry to indirectly influence matters of governance. This indirect participation is only possible if people come out and vote in their preferred leaders. The United States has two ways of voting. The first is the in-person voting, where on election day, a voter goes to a polling station and then casts their vote via the secret ballot method. This has been the most popular way of exercising the right to vote. The second way of voting is the mail-in voting system, whereby a person receives their ballot through the mail, votes, and then returns the ballot via mail, which then gets forwarded to election officials for tallying.(1130 words)