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Managing Work Groups and Teams

Managing Work Groups and Teams

Topic: PowerPoint presentation that contains at least 20 slides. Note that the title slide, table of contents slide, and the reference slide will not count towards the slide count.

To ensure that you are not including an abundance of information on each of your slides, please make great use of the speaker notes located at the bottom of the PowerPoint application. Use your speaker notes to provide more detail of what you are trying to convey on each slide.

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At least three online university library sources should be used in conjunction with the textbook to complete your final (a total of four sources). Your PowerPoint presentation should be completed in accordance to APA guidelines.

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Ø Types of groups in organizations 

ØTypes of teams in organizations

ØReasons for joining teams and groups in organizations

ØTeams and groups development stages

ØTeams and groups characteristics

ØBenefits of diversity in cross-function groups and teams

ØChallenges brought by diversity in cross-functional teams and groups

ØImproving cohesiveness in teams and groups

ØImproving cohesiveness in teams and groups cont.