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Memo on Substitute Decision-Making in Case One

Case Memo Week 9 Assignment


Pick a case scenario from the Case Presentations (SP19) (See attached). Develop 2-4 pages Memorandum to evaluate the managerial issue and to answer the questions. Make sure to provide credible evidence supporting your recommendations and conclusions. Do not copy the case in the memo, but make sure to refer to its number for the faculty to have a reference for grading.


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APA 7TH Edition Format is REQUIRED

3-5 References REQUIRED

Attached are some readings. You can also use other sources that you deem fit to assist with this assigment

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The emphasis on ethics when dealing with the elderly in long-term settings is essential. Based on this LTC facility’s services, ethical consideration helps the professionals make informed decisions when handling patients (CMS, 2018). As caregivers, you will deal with patients who cannot make independent decisions due to their health conditions. As seen in Case Study One, the nurse, with the psychiatrist’s support in the facility, should evaluate whether Mr. Parker can make a well-thought healthcare decision (Champlain Centre for Health Care Ethics, 2018). If the outcomes portray an impaired autonomy, the immediate family members should participate in the decision-making process; however, third parties should intervene if their choices raise ethical concerns.(885words)