Mental health services

Perform and document an internet search (database, key words, top listings) of community resources for a specific mental health illness

Explain the resources available and include a local organization

Describe the purpose (Mission and Vision statement is a guide ONLY) and the efficacy of the organization (how many needs are met)

Express the role of APRN in telehealth care delivery and how students can monitor its usefulness in primary care

Requirements: 2-3 paragraphs

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use, manage the program and calculate the populations of patients for telehealth. They also have direct contact with patients and their families. They do this by monitoring the patients’ conditions, facilitating bedside nursing, helping patients prepare for telehealth visits remotely, and educating them synchronously and asynchronously (Solomon et al., 2021). Students can monitor the importance of telehealthcare delivery in primary care by evaluating its effectiveness among healthcare experts and patients. Telemedicine reduces the number of phone calls to follow up on a patient by providing patients with information via real-time video streaming.

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Mental health services