Minority groups in USA

1. Discuss the experience of some of the different minority groups in the United States during World War II.

2. Compare and contrast the events that took place in the article, “The Community is Beginning to Rumble,” with those in, “The Minimum Wage March of 1966.”

3. Using the article, “No Gold Watch for Jim Crow’s Retirement,” as your source discuss how the struggles of African American unionists Ivory Davis and Columbus Henry with the help of the NAACP abolished decades of Jim Crow segregation and racial discrimination in labor unions.

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Minority groups like African Americans, Puerto Ricans, and the Japanese, even though they fought for America alongside the whites, had experiences that differ from the whites. Even though the war opened economic opportunities for some minorities, racism and discrimination did not end. African Americans are the minorities that suffered most during the war. Given their large numbers in the country, African Americans joined the army, but their roles were mediocre compared to those performed by the whites. Even though African Americans were trained for combat, they ended up being laborers. Racial segregation was also rife in the camps such that blacks trained in separate camps, ate in different cafeterias, and even fought in the separate battalion with the whites. These instances of segregation when the country was facing a common enemy often led to fights within the military camps.(1191 words)