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Movie report: The cup

Movie report 1200 words

Watch Movie The Cup (1991), Dir. Khentsye Norbu


1. Title of the report should be in the format “Globalization in The Cup (1991), Dir. Khentsye Norbu”

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2. In the first paragraph of the movie report, you will give me a summary of the movie. It should be written in a way that a person who has not viewed it, can grasp the basics of the plot and the context.

3. In the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs, you will relate the movie to at least two concepts from the course. You can use the list provided in the media report, and additional concepts from the presentations and readings after the midterm. Make sure to explain why and how the concept is shown in the movie, not just state that it is so. Example, “In The Cup, forced migration due to religious persecution is depicted in the journey of two young boys out of Chinese-controlled territory to a Buddhist monastery in India….

4. End with your personal take. How did watching this movie teach you something about globalization that you didn’t know? Example, “I learned that soccer loyalties can be powerful and political, even when your country is not playing. In the film, the monks support France in the World Cup because they know that the French government has been sympathetic to the Tibetan cause.”

Word limit: 1200 words. Please see attached rubric for grading criteria.

Formatting follows the instructions in the prompt

Title, year, and director’s name are included. Spelling and grammar mistakes are minimal.

Identifies globalization concepts

Student identifies at least two concepts in the movie that relate to globalization.

Concept is related to the media report

The events, processes or objects described in the movie report are examples of the concept, or contradict it. The student explains the relationship between the concept and the movie report.

Personal reaction

Student is able to show that they achieved a better understanding of the concept by identifying it in the movie. This may include both intellectual and emotional responses.

Provides summary of the film

Movie is summarized in a way that a person who has not viewed it gets the gist.

Answer preview

            The Cup is a comedy film that was released in 1991 and produced in the Tibetan language.  The film was written and directed by K. Norbu. It was produced by Malcolm Watson, Jeremy Thomas, and Raymond Steiner.  The film revolves around the monastery life where the young men are trained to live a holy life and strictly follow Buddhism practices. It depicts the story of the young monks who are fans of World Cup soccer.  The boys are exiled in the Tibetan monastery to receive the ancient Buddhist teachings, which are at a threat in China. In contrast, they focus on watching the World Cup soccer final between Brazil and France.  The film takes place in the Tibetan monastery, which is in India, and it receives Tibetan children who are smuggled across the borders from time to time.  The parents send their children to the Tibetan monastery to allow them to receive the ancient Buddhist teachings and escape from the rapidly changing world culture.  The films revolve around the life of a 12-year-old boy from Tibet known as Orgyen.  He becomes the source of inspiration from other boys in the monastery as he stirs up his fellow students to watch the world cup finals.(1299 words)