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Multicultural Challenge in Prisons

at least 8 sentences

What is the biggest challenge in relation to multiculturalism/diversity in prison populations? You can start your research on page 334 of the book , and also look for outside resources to support your opinion. Remember that your first post needs to be at least 8 sentences, and cite your sources.

Then respond to another student who chose to discuss a challenge different than yours. This post needs to be at least 4 substantive sentences.

Answer preview

Prisons exist so that convicted offenders can be isolated from the society to which they cause harm. Prisons are run by the criminal justice system, which makes sure that law and order are followed in all populations. Therefore, the prison population combines people from different cultural backgrounds. The population may encounter challenges such as poor communication due to language barriers. However, the biggest challenge in the diverse prison population is ethnic conflicts. When people from different cultural backgrounds come together, they may fail to relate due to differences in values and beliefs (Tetrault, Bucerius, & Haggerty, 2020). For example, a White American who is possessed by white supremacy beliefs may fail to relate well with an African American in the prison environment. It is because a White American would think of exercising power over the African American who may resist, thus causing conflict between races.

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