National Security

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Question Description: The American Government has faced numerous lawsuits in attempts to balance security and the civil liberties of its citizens. From lawsuits questioning the legality of the USA PATRIOT Act to the separation of immigrant families, research, and analyze where your dissertation focus may face scrutiny if adopted into policy. Within your analysis after identifying the core factors of your research that will face resistance, present data that supports why you feel that your research is needed.
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Just like other democracies, one of the challenges facing the United States is the inability to ensure a balance between its measures of ensuring national security and the protection of civil liberties. The American national security, popularly termed as “homeland security,” is a term that denotes the nationwide efforts of the American people and the government to ensure that their nation is safe, secure, and free from terrorist attacks. The Congressional research service of the United States reports that homeland security is not limited to terrorist attacks only but also extends to cover such other human-induced occurrences as racial violence and natural disasters like hurricanes. On the other hand, civil liberties mean the freedoms entitled to citizens, of which freedoms cannot be curtailed by anyone, including the government, without justifiable reasons(Alsan et al., 2020). The scope and definition of civil liberties differ from one jurisdiction to another. However, civil liberties in the US include freedom of the American media, the right to privacy, security, the right to equal protection of the law, among many others.