Network of networks

1. Describe the WHO’s “network of networks” system of obtaining global surveillance data. What is Integrated Disease Surveillance and why using it?

2. How does the mission of the FAO relate to disease surveillance?

3. How is the work of the OIE related to disease surveillance?

4. Why is the United States interested in developing disease surveillance systems in other countries?

5. comparing and contrasting disease surveillance in developed and developing countries.

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Integrated Disease Surveillance refers to an approach implemented by countries under WHO for effective surveillance of disease and related events, communication, and timely response. This approach involves training workforce and gathering crucial resources needed to successfully respond to a health situation.

  1. How does the mission of the FAO relate to disease surveillance?

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a division of the United Nations mandated with carrying out international plans of fighting hunger. The goal of these plans is to make sure that people all over the world have enough quality food which is important in living an active and healthy life. Under this mandate, FAO can share information of countries facing starvation. Such areas are prone to diseases due to the weak immune system

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network of networks