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new technologies

Discussion 200 words

1. What are some of the newer possibilities for using new technologies like AI or other medical advances in the medical field? (75words)

2. SNMP: Below is an infographic of SNMP and the author discusses SNMP please research and post a case study of how an organization has implemented SNMP to manage and protect their network. You may also discuss any security vulnerabilities of SNMP protocol as well. (75words)

3. Discuss openflow protocol (Q3 image) and please discuss the details of the protocol such as any security concerns or vulnerabilities. (75words)

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Health technologies have made new and unthinkable possibilities achievable more efficiently and faster. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence have enabled medical professionals to create automated reminders to quickly identify people at a higher risk of developing a specific medical problem and delivering personalized medication and dosage to patients.  Other technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) are being used to calm and educate patients by taking them on a virtual tour of how some of the recommended procedures or medications would benefit them (Adam Mace, 2020).