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Nursing Disaster Management

Nursing Disaster Management WEEKLY discussion.

Description: the assignment can be less than 1 page long. Please use the latest APA formatting with reference and in-text citation.

Some additional information needed for this assignment: I LIVE in the state of FLORIDA

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It is critical to understand ethical and legal issues in disaster management. It helps to enhance nurses’ safety and patients’ wellness. Legal elements requiring RNs to respond to disaster situations differ across States. Some states require RNs to respond in disaster situations, for example, with Zika outbreaks or take an extra shift in the ER, receiving overwhelming numbers of victims from a mass shooting.  Refusal in such states is punishable. Such an approach hinders nurses from making decisions regarding responding that is more uncomfortable when there is limited equipment. The approach can lead to poor quality of care and jeopardize the safety of nurses. It is, therefore, important to evaluate nurse’s practice Acts to enhance compliance and avoid consequences such as being fired.(310words)