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Nursing Research

DQ3 Nursing Research APA format

Discuss the purpose of the literature review and in which situation will you use it? Discuss also what are the challenges that nurses are facing today when they have to do a literature review?
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            In research analysis, a literature review has numerous purposes, including orienting knowledge in a research problem to clarify what is known and unknown. According to Wolters Kluwer (2017), many research studies require identifying clinical interventions for feasibility testing. Hence, it is also the purpose of a literature review during research studies to outline and create an understanding of where clinical interventions are required. Moreover, research studies often require the certainty of its replication, which can only be ascertained by the literature review. Literature reviews are also used in discovering inconsistencies in the methodologies or designs used to develop the effectiveness of the research. Finally, literature reviews are used to identify conceptual frameworks that are relevant and, at the same time, interpret the findings and implications of the study. Likewise, in comparative analysis, I would apply for literature reviews to ascertain the certainty and coherence of the results.(329words)