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Nursing Research

DQ4 Nursing Research APA Format

Select one of the conceptual models or theories described in chapter 6. Formulate a research question and one to two hypotheses that could be used empirically to test the utility of the conceptual framework or model in nursing practice.

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Pender’s Health Promotion Model (HPM) is the nursing theory developed by Nola Pender in 1982. The model acts as a health protection complementary model. The theory aims at increasing people’s level of well-being.  HPM theory encourages the nurses and other health practitioners to offer positive recourses to help the individual’s patient to achieve health behaviors changes. The HPM goal is not only to help the patients prevent illnesses through behavioral change but also to come with ways that an individual can pursue an idea of health. According to Naserpoor, Zamani-Alavijeh, Shahri, & Saki Malehi, (2018), the model assumes that people attempt to control their own behavior. The behavior assumes that prior acquired and inherited characteristics, and prior behavior affect the enactment of the health-promoting behavior. Secondly, the theory assumes that people work toward improving themselves and their environment. Also, it assumes that health practitioners form the interpersonal environment that impacts a person’s behavior. Lastly, it assumes that a person-environmental self-initiated change is fundamental in changing behavior.(744 words)

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