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Consider your current work environment and your role as a member of the health care team. What can you do to encourage collaboration and demonstrate stewardship?

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my current job is a nurse

my current job is a nurse

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I work in a hospital

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In my current work environment, I work as a nurse in a hospital. I play a critical role as a member of the healthcare team to ensure collaboration and demonstrate stewardship. My professional and legal responsibility in my work is to cooperate with my colleagues and the entire workforce to promote patient-centered care. I encourage other nurses and caregivers in the department to maintain focus on the patient, which can be achieved through inter-professional collaboration. Therefore, as a nurse, I foster a culture of respect and support, which helps in managing conflict between team members. Conflict resolution is crucial to enhance collaboration in a healthcare facility. Also, to encourage cooperation, I motivate the team members in the hospital on the significance of participating in other departments (Barrow and Gasquoine, 2018). It gives them a clear insight essential for making better healthcare decisions and unifying the bond between caregivers. In addition, effective communication in the team will help in encouraging collaboration in the hospital through clear and consistent information sharing. (349 words)