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Obesity in the American culture

Obesity in the American culture


10-2 research paper based on obesity in the American culture. I have an annotated bib written on it that we turned in prior to this one and 3 of the sources need to be reused.


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Recent studies in the discipline of health show that lifestyle diseases are becoming increasingly common in the United States of America. Lifestyle disease is a collective term that is used to refer to those ailments that develop as a consequence of people’s daily habits and their adverse interaction with their surroundings (Sharma & Majumdar, 2009). Unlike acute illnesses that need immediate attention and need minimal resources, lifestyle diseases require a lot more resources because the medical interventions that are capable of resolving them constitute long-term measures. One of the most common lifestyle diseases in American society is obesity. Obesity is a complex disorder that entails the accumulation of excess body fats and manifests in a patient becoming overweight. The paper evaluates the incidence of obesity in American culture. This paper argues that the high prevalence of obesity in the United States reflects a culture of unhealthy living caused by a mixture of poor individual choices and socioeconomic factors. (3443 words)