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Operational budget.

Operational budget.

Discuss the question using 3 APA reference, with nursing content within 5 years old.

1.After your monthly review of your unit’s operational budget, you find you are over your budget for medical supplies. What steps would you take to investigate why this happened and how to correct the issue?

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            When in any business, it is advisable to have a clear budget before engaging in any purchases. This is done considering business incomes and expenditure. In so doing, the business is protected from unnecessary borrowing and operating under its means. It also ensures that the business owners are in control of their money. Sometimes some leakages occur in the execution of the budget. It is essential that they are taken care of before they land the business in significant financial problems (Galarraga, Black, Pimentel, Venkat, Sverha, Frohna, & Pines, 2020). Some of the steps required to correct the overspent budgets will be discussed below.(435words)

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