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Operational impacts of Li-FI technology

Research: Operational impacts of Li-FI technology: a review


This is the place where you will put the abstract. The abstract must summarize the whole report starting with the purpose of the report, what are the major issues, what is the key solution. The abstract must cover the whole report and be providing a summary of the report to the reader. The reader should be able to understand the report just by reading the abstract. Use (100 to 150 words). Don’t use bullet points. Don’t have many paragraphs.

(Keywords—identify and put 4 to 5 keywords about this topic)

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1. Introduction (Heading 1):

The purpose of introduction is to introduce the topic to the reader and express the need for this study. Your writing must convince the reader to read the full report. Keep in mind that the reader has no idea of what you are going to write or what you wrote. He /she is going to understand the topic only by reading your introduction.

Please mention the organization of the report. Means, what is in the next section? It should show the flow of the report.

You may ((use 200 to 250 words)) for this purpose in two or three paragraphs.


This section should be used to collect data and research finding from the literature. You need to collect from academically accepted sources and avoid using Wikipedia and webopedia. All data, information must be accompanying by in-text citation in Harvard Style.

Try to use few case studies. Try to include data and statistical information. Ensure the paragraphs are logically constructed and have flow of information. Avoid disjoint paragraphs.


You may have (600 to 750 words) in this section with multiple sub-sections.Sub heading for each case study.


Based on the literature review identify the major issues / drawbacks/ problems from the topic and discuss in detail. Identify the root cause of the issue and describe it with possible details. Support your argument with evidences such data from other researches. You can have (400 TO 500 words) for this section. Try to (((use tables and images to support your argument)).


This is the most critical part of the research paper. Here you are going to suggest ways to fix the issues that were identified in the analysis section.

Your discussion points can have supported data from internet sources to strengthen your statement. You may also use data from surveys and other form of research output. You may have 400 to 500 words.


This section is used to summarize the key findings and gives future research directions.


List all references used in the research in Harvard style. Advised to use the latest sources.

Answer preview

In the 21st century, technological advancement is on the rise, and Li-Fi technology has proved this progression. Access to the internet has been one of the critical developments in technological advancement, which led to the discovery of Li-Fi technology. Light Fidelity, which is commonly referred to as Li-Fi or Visible Light Communication (VLC), has influenced positive impacts in the world of Information Communication Technology (ICT). This paper will focus on research on the numerous operational effects of Li-Fi technology. This technology was proposed and introduced by a German Physicist known as Prof. Harald H., and it seems to be the future of the internet. Furthermore, this research paper will focus on in-depth literature review and discussion analysis to academically and statistically demonstrate the operational impacts of Li-Fi technology. Consequently, the resulting purpose is to provide an analysis of the operational impacts and exploit opportunities for Li-Fi technology.(2215 words)