Organizational development

You are a new general manager for a large organization. With the current environment of being in a pandemic, working from home is now the new norm. Many traditional “old school” managers are now being forced into remote working, and many are having difficulty in dealing with the inability to see their team members in person. You are a recent graduate from an all online higher education college, where being online to do course work and interact with the professor is “normal.” You decide to take some of that experience and also conduct some research to create an organizational change manual for all managers and employees dealing with working remotely.


Using Microsoft Word, create an organizational development manual that includes the following:

  • Describe the importance of R&D for an organization.
  • Describe how organizations can use research and development to foster innovation.
  • Describe some innovative approaches of research and development (R&D) to organizational change, specifically to the remote worker.
  • Describe how can we overcome the “old school” mentality of remote work and what are some development tools that can help employees/managers with the transition.
  • Review the impact of working remotely with regards to managing resources of the company. Include the economic impact of remote work on the company.
  • Describe some of the ways remote working can impact the sustainability of the organization.


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One of the key areas that have sustained the traditional models of interactions in research and development. Since digital and electronic systems are heavily integrated, a major shift is necessary to achieve great value within the new working context. Remote work and development tools available to all organization’s stakeholders will foster organization agility. Overcoming the old school mentality depends on the capacity to overcome the challenges of distortion of the normal pace of our conversations (Dhawan, & Premuzic, 2018, February 27). One major tool is to offer the technology for remote work. The managers can provide or subsidize the technology, collaboration platforms, home Wi-Fi, and other necessary tools to enhance continuous development (Sull, Sull, & Bersin, 2020, June 3). The objective is to enhance frequent and good communication and maintain high productivity and engagement of all the stakeholders.

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Organizational development