Organizational Development consultant

An American Internet Technology company has merged with a Canadian Social Media company. Because of this merger, performance is not as optimum as the executives would have hoped; morale is low, and stress is up. The new company has decided to hire you as an Organizational Development consultant. They have tasked you with finding out the issues and what they should do next to get back on track.


Now that you have secured your role as an Organizational Development consultant, you are now tasked with determining a diagnostic and intervention process. You will need to demonstrate to management how using the chosen diagnostic process will be used in the new company to help increase the efficiency of the organization.

The following questions should be included in your business, professional report:

  1. Describe how you select a diagnostic process to use for this organizational development cultural change.
  2. Given the current situation, what are some of the process interventions you recommend for the newly merged company to ensure effective work teams?
  3. How would you collect the data needed for the organizational development program?
  4. Discuss some organizational development strategies that, as the consultant, you would use to create the necessary change.

Requirements: 3-4 pages not including cover and reference page

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The most important organizational development strategies that can implement change in the organization are support congruency, information flow, and variance control. The issues that exist between Canadian and American workers who work at the merger organization come from variant control. That makes employees deviate from the ideal work processes creating a defense for most boundary-related tasks. The new management should follow the new information flow design that provides solutions to the company’s problems. That would help create an open and effective communication flow based on employee needs instead of following the old hierarchical form of communication that demotivates workers (Grigorios, 2018).

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Organizational Development consultant