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Patient safety

Patient safety

Discuss the following question using 2 APA citation reference with the last 5years with nursing content.

1. Identity a quality improvement initiative of (Fall and patient Safety ) that relates to improving geriatric population health outcome. Have these initiatives been successful? Why or why not?

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Health care professionals are toiling to find ways of preventing falls amongst older adults. Falls heavily contribute to injuries to persons over the age of sixty-five years (Aronovitch, 2014). A significant portion of elderly persons in the United States lives in long term care facilities. Some of them end up getting injured as a result of falls in long-term care facilities. To eliminate and mitigate the adverse effects of falls amongst geriatrics, the health care sector in the United States introduced a patient safety regulation referred to as F-Tag 323 (Aronovitch, 2014). It is a federal regulation intended to govern older adults’ long term care facilities. Recently the rule has gotten revised to accord more protection to older adults and prevent the occurrence of falls.(444words)