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Performance appraisal

Develop a table on performance appraisals (PA) and how they are applied to training BHA 4680 unit 7

In this homework assignment, you will develop a table on performance appraisals (PA) and how they are applied to training.

In column 1, identify three different types of PAs that can be offered.

In column 2, analyze how the PA can be applied to a training effort.

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In column 3, identify one type of training and one assessment tool for each PA that could be used to identify training success.

Use bullet points in the table. APA is not required for this homework assignment.

Answer preview

  • Specific work standards are used to measure employee skills. It is a critical approach in the training need assessment.

  • The final deliverable by a team or department is measured against fixed standards to determine training requirements.

  • Employee’s performance below the minimum level of implicates training areas.

  • At a managerial level, each manager’s performance is defined against a standard to assess areas of improvement.

  • For each rating dimension, such as leadership or communication, individual performance is evaluated against a fixed standard (Deb, 2009).(607words)