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Personal Growth and Development

MHTC103.004- Final Exam

write a five page paper covering Chapters 1-5 and how it relates to you and your own personal journey of growth and development.

Textbook- Reaching Out: Interpersonal Effectiveness and Self- Actualization 11th Edition

you already did Chapter 1-5 for the midterm so we’re doing Chapters 6-11 now for the final. I forgot to change it.

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and the textbook is on vital source, I gave you the login the last time. Do you need it again?

Did you get it or you need me to send it to you again.




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Personal development and growth involve the enhancement of one’s social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental aspects. This growth and development enable individuals to live a satisfying and productive life with others and within their society’s laid regulations and customs. People with relationship and emotional problems like low-self esteem, depression, and anxiety can receive treatment through various personal growth and development programs. David Johnson’s book, “Reaching out: Interpersonal Effectiveness and Self-Actualization,” has been a great aid in advancing my personal growth and development journey.