Perspective of federal government

Please read the case “Who’s to Blame for the College Admissions Scandal?” given on Page number 112, Chapter 3– “The Manager’s Changing Work Environment and Ethical Responsibilities”Management: A Practical Introduction” 10th edition by Angelo Kinicki, & Denise B. Soignet and answer the following questions:





Q1. What is the underlying problem in this case from the perspective of federal government, the parents, and the prospective college students?

Q2. Why do you think the parents were willing to play such a significant and risky role in their kid’s college admissions?

Q3. How do you think the general environment, particularly economic, demographic, international and sociocultural forces, fed into the admissions scandal?

Q4. Are the children who were aware of the cheating scheme purely victims in this situation, or should they also be considered unethical? Explain your answer using one of the four approaches to deciding ethical dilemmas.

Q5. Based on what you have learned about Rick Singer, his involvement, and his decision to cooperate in the investigation, where would you place his level of moral development? Explain your answer.

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Environmental forces influenced the unethical practices of the parents, administrators, and coaches in the college admission scandal. For instance, economic factors included wealth disparity, and parents who could afford to bribe college officials had the opportunity to admit their kids to colleges illegally, unlike parents who fell into the low-class economy. Additionally, occupation and family incomes were the demographic factors that also impacted the admissions scandal. For example, some of the parents involved in the scandal were high-profile individuals like executives, attorneys, and actresses, i.e., Felicity Huffman.

The sociocultural aspects of the admission scandal included attitudes towards education and success. This is evident as some parents believe their children will be successful in the future by attending only school. Therefore, the parents are willing to spend whatever it takes to ascertain that their kids attend a distinguished school. Furthermore, international factors such as the admission of international students may have influenced the unethical practices that led to the

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Perspective of federal government