physical examination of the pregnant woman

Mary and Elmer’s fifth child, Melvin, was born 6 weeks prematurely and is 1-month old. Sarah, age 13, Martin, age 12, and Wayne, age 8, attend the Amish elementary school located 1 mile from their home. Lucille, age 4, is staying with Mary’s sister and her family for a week because baby Melvin has been having respiratory problems, and their physician told the family he will need to be hospitalized if he does not get better within 2 days.

  1. Choose two or three areas of prenatal care that you would want to discuss with Mary, and then write brief notes about what you know and/or need to learn about Amish values to discuss perinatal care in a way that is culturally congruent.
  2. Discuss three Amish values, beliefs, or practices to consider when preparing to do prenatal education classes with Amish patients.

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The most obvious practice of the Amish community is that they live a simple life because they believe simplicity is a sign of humility (Rohr, Spears, Geske, Khandalavala, & Lacey, 2019). First, their styles are simple, practical and modest and their clothes are made from home. Second, despite the many advances today, the community does not utilize things such as electricity, vehicles, and technology. They believe that worldly things can keep one away from God. Thirdly, the community follows their way of living, making them different from other people. Therefore, for healthcare, conducting education classes in those communities must be culturally competent to not interfere with their cultural beliefs.

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physical examination of the pregnant woman