Physiologic activities

Conduct an assessment on the following body systems:

You may conduct the assessment on a fellow student, friend, or family member. Remember to secure their permission.

Collect both subjective and objective data using the process described in the textbook.

Write a summary of the assessment (subjective & objective data in narrative note) and the skills utilized. Answer the following 3 questions in the summary. Do not disclose any patient identifiers.

  1. What skills (assessment techniques) were utilized during the assessment?
  2. What subjective data did you collect? (list your findings)
  3. What objective data did you collect? (list your findings)

Summary on a WORD document. APA format isn’t required.

Requirements: 2 pages

APA referencing not required

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The objected data collected included the S1 and S2 heart sounds, which were in a regular rhythm. The pulses were present and equal bilaterally, and body temperature was normal at 97 F. There was no wheezing sound while breathing.

In conclusion, my patient was perfectly well. I advised the patient to keep up with a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and avoiding exposure to air pollutants. To take care of both the heart and lungs, the patient should maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy food, avoid smoking, and get good quality sleep. An important factor to consider is to get regular health screening such as blood pressure screening, type 2 diabetes, and checking cholesterol levels.

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Physiologic activities