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Police Agencies & Patrol Worksheet

Police Agencies & Patrol Worksheet

Part 1: Agencies and Levels

As you have been learning and discussing, policing has many variables that span on multiple levels. A career in policing might occur at the local or municipal, state, or federal level. In this part of the assignment choose an agency at each level and share what you have learned.

Answer each of the following questions in 45 to 90 words minimum. Use your sources to support your points.

Part 2: Patrol

Patrol work is considered the backbone of policing as patrol officers interact with the public throughout their shifts.

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Answer each of the following questions in 45 to 90 words minimum. Use your sources to support your points.

Answer preview

  1. Identify police agencies at the federal, state, and local levels.

Police agencies at the local level include the sheriff department, which operates under the jurisdictions of the local government. The highway patrol is an agency at the state level, which operates under the state government. At the national level, the homeland security agency works with the federal government to ensure public security and emergency response.

  1. Explain the difference between the scope and responsibilities of each agency you identified. Provide an example that illustrates the scope and responsibilities of each agency.

Sheriff’s department is supposed to enforce local, state, and federal laws in the community directly (Dulla, Baran, Pope, & Orr, 2017). For instance, enforcing animal laws in the community. On the other hand, highway patrol assists the local agencies with more complex duties and responsibilities like enforcing traffic rules and protecting the governor. Homeland security protects national boundaries, prevent terrorism, and respond to emergencies. For example, homeland security responds to mass casualty incidences.(528 words)