Political, Economic and Religious Influences

Political, Economic, and Religious Influences

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Pakistan, France, and Saudi Arabia have adopted distinct political models, economic systems, and religious inclinations that affect activities within their borders. The countries have, in recent years, either been victims or alleged supporters of terrorist activities. Most have embraced economic policies that help them trade with numerous partners since all of them are free to trade with anyone they deem suitable as they are not facing any economic sanctions. They all have people with diverse religious inclinations, all of which are accorded some level of protection by the legal system adopted within each country.

Systems of Government

            France utilizes a semi-presidential system of governance (Passarelli, 2010). Such a system has two co-depended centers of power, a president elected by the constituents and a prime minister, elected by members of parliament. Since the Prime Minister gets elected by members of the legislator, they are answerable to the persons who put them into the office they occupy. They both lay claim to the title of ultimate authority within the Government’s Executive (Passarelli, 2010). However, the president trumps the PM, as he enjoys legitimacy accorded to them by the fact that they get into office via election by the French citizenry. Despite enjoying such legitimacy, a president without a majority backing in parliament faces lots of problems (Passarelli, 2010). In such a case, the prime minister will have the final say over government operations because they have the backing of the Legislature. The system present in France does not incorporate junior ministers, who, in most cases, operate as the second in command in the various ministries, working under a minister (Passarelli, 2010). The absence of such a position within the French Government’s structure gets attributed to the need to consolidate the prime minister’s power. The prevalent belief is that only the prime minister should have the ability to shadow and oversee ministers. Having junior ministers would be interfering with this responsibility.(2198 words)